The Boy with the Sweetest Soul 

So people who had the honor of knowing Zachary knew he has the biggest heart and sweetest soul of anyone you could ever meet. One of my favorite memories of Zachary was from when he was in middle school. 

At his old school, the leadership class had the privilege of walking with some of the students from The Childrens’ Center in Bethany, OK by helping them to the center of the football field. Zachary was so excited for this night. That just describes Zachary. He was so excited about helping others. That’s when he truly shined.  You can tell in the pics below how he was just beaming. 

Whether it be giving someone the last ten dollars from his wallet or a small trinket, the boy had a heart of gold. Caleb, our neighbor boy, and I were talking about Zachary and how much we miss him. Caleb told me he missed him too and he keeps the fox from Zootopia up in his room because Zachary gave it to him. I said what do you mean?  He proceeded to tell me that Zachary had the fox in his car for the Disney XFiniti and Caleb told him he liked it. Zachary took it out of his car and gave it to Caleb. I never knew that story till that sweet little I believe 3rd grade boy told me about it. 

It makes me wonder how many more small stories of Zachary’s kindness we do not know about. How many more small sweet gestures did he pass on that we are not aware of? How many tiny ripples in the pond of this great big world did he cause?  In our world, those ripples are gigantic.  

How big do you allow others ripples to spread happiness in your heart?  

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