About Me

My name is Tamra Jennings.  I have been married to my husband Jonathan since 1996.   We dated for six weeks before we got engaged and got married nine months later.  We got pregnant with our son Zachary, Forever 18, around our one year anniversary.  He was born right before I turned 23.  We literally grew up as adults while Zachary grew up as a child.  Five years later we had his sister Sarah, age 13.  My husband and I worked different shifts so our kids did not have to attend regular day care except for six months of Zachary’s life.  He was 2 but they had to put him in the 3 yr old room because he was too smart and bored.  His last day of daycare, I walked in and could hear him screaming.  I ran back to find Zachary screaming beside a wagon full of kids.  They were trying to get him to sit in the wagon with the rest of the kids.  This story is the equivalent to Zachary’ short life.  You can not fit a rainbow peg into a square hole.

Sadly,  Zachary’s life was cut too short on November 10, 2016 from Sudden Cardiac Arrest caused by a cardiac arrhythmia from an unknown heart defect.  This blog will follow my journey as a grieving Mommy starting at the twelve week mark but I will go back and fill in the details from before till now.